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8 Best Stemless Wine Glasses, According to a Sommelier

If you’re seeking wine glasses that are effortlessly stylish and never fussy, consider going stemless.

Traditionally, wine glasses have stems for a simple reason: When being held by the stem, they prevent body heat from your hands from raising the temperature of the wine. Most wines are best sipped at 40 to 60 degrees; well below the standard body temperature of 98.6 degrees F. Stemware helps preserve a wine’s optimal temperature beautifully and looks quite elegant while doing so, but there are times and places that call for stemless glassware. The way we enjoy wine has evolved; we’re not just sipping it at formal dinners anymore. If you want to enjoy wine on a picnic, or a boat, or paired with popcorn on the couch and your latest binge-watch obsession, the casual vibe of a stemless glass can’t be beat.

Best Stemless Glasses for Outdoor Use

For an eco-friendly alternative to those flimsy disposable plastic glasses, consider Govino Flexible Shatterproof Wine Glasses. They are made from BPA-free polymers and are reusable and also recyclable. With an ergonomic thumb notch that allows you to get a good grip on the wine for optimal swirling, no picnic basket should be without these.

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