A Guide to Hosting a Picnic – Martha Stewart

Handheld foods are an absolute must, says food stylist, recipe developer, and avid picnicker Laura Rege.

Pack the Necessities

Think about what items you’ll need in order to serve your food and drinks once you arrive at your picnic location. “Light wooden or bamboo cutting boards are great for small bites and charcuterie. Mains and desserts can be presented in the dish they are prepared or brought in,” Rege says, adding that mason jars are ideal for serving condiments. To keep the food contained on the blanket, she recommends bringing lightweight wicker trays that you can place underneath the food to keep it contained. For beverages, bring cups that are easy to stack, light, and hard to break—Rege likes Duralex or Govino. Also remember to bring a washable tote bag or repurpose your picnic basket for food disposal.

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