The Spruce Eats The Best Plastic Drinking Glasses for Enjoying a Beverage Al Fresco

Plastic glasses are no longer just red Solo cups and other single-use chalices. Thanks to incredible innovations in the glassware field, the plastic glasses of today are heavy-duty, reusable, and designed with style in mind. They’re made to withstand everyday use, combining crystal-like quality with dishwasher-safe durability.

To help you choose the best plastic drinking glasses, we tested them side-by-side and evaluated each on its design, size, durability, and overall value. Many beverages—including water, cocktails, and more—were sipped in various environments indoors and outdoors, and the plastic drinking glasses were even gently tossed off coffee tables and onto the floor in order to make sure they are truly the best.

Whether you’re klutzy, have little hands around, or are looking for shatterproof options for outdoor affairs, we’ve got you covered with the best plastic drinking glasses, according to our tests.

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